It was the dawning of a new era in 1953, when all of Great Britain had raised itself up from the ruins of the second World War and young Queen symbolized peace and prosperity. This time, often referred to as the Elizabethan age gave way to much progress, innovation and a new way of life, one of euphoria and confidence. Born from these changes was a new breed of English Gentleman. He was sporty, international, dashing, and daring yet extremely well-groomed at all times. It was in this watershed year that Creightons PLC premiered its exclusive line of St James of London all-natural men’s grooming products, bringing to light a higher level of shaving regimen for men. At its inception, the St James of London brand was only distributed within Great Britain and after a decade, production ceased for reasons unknown. In the fall of 2013, Todd Fisher acquired the St James of London brand from Creightons PLC. Upon purchasing the brand and original formulas, the St James of London brand was once again coming alive as it did in 1953 with new branding and new fragrances. The St James of London brand was officially re-launched in the Summer of 2014. Today, St James of London products grace the shelves of the world’s best haberdashers, barbershops and resorts and considered to be among the best shaving and fragrance products in the world.  We are extremely proud to offer these superb products at The Club.

Shaving Cream and Cologne or Post-Shave Gel Combo Pack