Club Imperialé Aftershave Splash

  • Club Imperialé Aftershave Splash

Club Imperialé Aftershave Splash


Now available to non members!

I was blown away when I first smelled Creed Millesime Imperial some time ago and knew I needed the bottle of this juice. I also knew I needed this in The Club. This is simply a superb scent with fruity notes initially, which to me smells like a fresh cut melon, along with other fresh fruit.  It's the salt + melon that keeps me uplifted every single time I smell this scent. Imagine sitting on the beach, a palatial estate behind you, the carribean before you, fresh cut melons at your side and a whisper of sea salt carried by the ocean breeze. You then get subtle hints of lemon and bergamot , then settling down to wood and musk base.

Inspired by Creed Millesime Imperial and reimagined by The Club

Club Imperialé is a refreshing fruity composition for any occasion.

Notes: Bergamot, green mandarin, lemon, salty watermelon, Iris, sandalwood, amber and musk

The cost is slightly more because the bottle we are using is 120ml Frosted Glass Bottle rather than the industry standard 100ml.