Handcrafted Chalice Shaving Bowls (Greybird Glaze)

  • Handcrafted Chalice Shaving Bowls (Greybird Glaze)

Handcrafted Chalice Shaving Bowls (Greybird Glaze)


These uniquely handcrafted and very special chalices are made for those who appreciate uncompromised artistry, exclusivity and unique offerings. These are made for wet shavers and exclusive to The Shaving Shop & Club. 

Sereen Mahmood is a passionate hobbyist potter from San Ramon, California. She makes a wide variety of pieces ranging from shaving chalices to decorative plates and vases. All of her pieces are completely handmade in a local community studio and the colors and designs are inspired by her time spent living in Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Each piece available at The Shaving Shop & Club, are one of a kind and takes approximately 3 weeks to wheel throw, bisque fire, and finally glaze. We hope you enjoy displaying and using these beautiful functional pieces, as much as Sereen enjoyed crafting them for you. No two will be exactly alike. These will be made to order.  

The photographs represent the color, approximate shape & design and in no way represents the exact finished product. These are not manufactured, rather, each individual chalice is a one-of-a-kind work of art. There will be variations representing the artists mood, thoughts and experiences at the time and will not only represent you, but her as well. I'm proud to own several and blessed to have Sereen making these exclusively for The Shaving Shop & Club.

Please do not combine with other products as these are drop-shipped directly from artisan