The Closer Aftershave Splash

  • The Closer Aftershave Splash

The Closer Aftershave Splash


The Closer

Ahhhh the sweet smell of money after closing the deal. The Closer doesn't smell quite like money, but it does smell like a man that is all about business. The scent is for those that like to work hard and play harder.  The Closer is a cologne type scent that is reminiscent of Armani Eau de Nuit (after the drydown, with less pepper notes at the top). It has warm, yet sweet notes with a blending of bergamot and pink pepper at the top and the warmth of nutmeg, cardamom and iris. It settles with amber, cedar and tonka bean. This is a masculine, cologne type scent that will not disappoint. This is a alcohol based splash within a 4 OZ bottle. 

Ingredients: SDA40B 200 Proof Alcohol, Hammelis Viginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), Phenoxyethanol (And) Caprylyl Glycol (Preservative), Fragrance.