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Ariana & Evans Presents: Skin Essentals Bhang Shaving Butter


What is Bhang?

Bhang is a drink found in primarily India. One of the most common uses for bhang is making a drink known as ‘bhang thandai.’ It contains milk, ground nuts, and a variety of spices. Bhang Thandai is typically drunk during religious festivals such as Holi.  Bhang is a major part of Hindu culture thanks to its association with Shiva, the god of destruction. Although this may sound ominous, destruction is not seen as a negative trait in Hinduism as it allows new life to be created.

Among the many stories about Shiva in the Hindu religion, one states that he descended from the Hindu Kush mountain range, bringing bhang with him as a gift to humankind. The god himself is said to use bhang on a daily basis to enhance his powers, and he is sometimes known as the ‘Lord of Bhang.’ The association between Shiva and bhang is so strong that the god even has a marijuana strain named after him.

Using bhang is a commonplace and socially acceptable practice in India. It is so widespread that when the British colonized the country in the 19th century, they decided that outlawing its use would cause too much civil unrest. As a result, they allowed the consumption of bhang to continue, and it can still be bought in government-sanctioned stores today, especially in Northern regions of the country.

Traditional Bhang Thandai Recipe and inspiration to creating this scent.

The recipe includes: milk, water, sugar, anise, almonds, peppercorns, saffron, cardamom, bhang seed powder, melon seeds, rose petals

 I took these ingredients, as my inspiration to create Bhang.

Available Now to the Public

The Legendary Khalifa is now available to the public

Khalifa will have a new look and updated in our K2e base with emu oil for unmatched performance and the most amazing post shave feel you’ll ever experience.

Skin Essentials

Introducing our Skin Essentials Shaving Butter

Not Your Ordinary Soap

I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can create something different. My goal was to create a superb vegan soap, providing the slickest shaving experience in the industry, density reminiscent of Kaizen and the very best post shave in the world. If successful, this elite level experience would be introduced in upscale packaging at an affordable price. I think we succeeded!

This line is created and scented in-house with essential oils, resins and absolutes.

Two Brands...Three Extraordinary Bases

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How to build a lather

It all begins with a great shaving soap. A&E and Club branded soaps are among the best in the industry and will work with any type of brush or water.  If you are a beginner, we recommend a good synthetic, as they're virtually maintenance free and super easy to build a superb lather. This is personal preference.

1. Fill your bowl (if bowl lathering) with hot water and warm your bowl & brush together.

2. Place brush into bowl  and soak for 5 minutes or so. Most people do this while showering and most effective using a natural hair brush.

4.  Remove brush  and squeeze bristles lightly to get rid of excess water. You can also give it a few light shakes as well.  

5. Start load your brush by swirling brush in soap jar using circular motion. We recommend light to medium pressure. Add some plunger motions as well. This will help in significantly building up your lather.  Continue swirling until a paste-like consistency begins to form on the top of the soap and on the brush. 
Bubbles (like a hand soap or bubble bath) are the result of too much water. 
Continue to swirl until it's pasty and almost looks like Elmer's glue. I personally love this consistency. 

6. You can now build your lather on face or use a soap bowl. Either one will work just fine. 

7. Add water as needed- a few drops at a time. I will normally wet my hand slightly from faucet and let a few drops drip from hand onto brush. Most of the time a few drops is all that's needed to make a difference. Our soap in particular can handle a large range of water and is quite thirsty, so don't be shy if you'd like to experiment by adding more water.   The consistency of the lather should be Greek yogurt-like, with a nice dense lather. The lather should feel slick, cushiony and protective.

Enjoy your shave!