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Our Signature Soap & Splash

Our Signature Soap & Splash will be made available to the public very soon. This will be offered in our brand new base featuring all the ingredients in our previous base, plus the addition of yogurt, camellia oil, argan and manteca (pig fat).

Review - authored by Matt Hilton 

It would appear "The Club" brand has hit its stride as evidenced by settling down to an in-house tallow and goat milk base that's easily competitive on the highest level along with a diverse offering of unapologetically bold fragrances. Previously, "El Gaucho" had been my favorite fragrance from The Club, but aptly named "Signature" has taken the mantle. This is likely to be the flagship, signature fragrance of the The Club. With a relatively common and simple profile including bourbon, tobacco, and sandalwood, Signature is anything but mundane. The bourbon is front-row and accurate, while the tobacco is equally present. The blend offers up a liquor-sweet but natural, non-sugary accord that's mitigated by a weighty and creamy sandalwood. This is all highlighted by a faint suggestion of smoke. The splash allows the tobacco to shine a bit more than that of the soap, but both notes remain solid for a good two to three hours before relenting to the sandalwood dry down. A hint of nondescript spice trails off around the five hour mark. Despite all its bravado, Signature manages to stay in check sort of like a slightly matured (or medicated) Andrew Dice Clay. You can probably get away with wearing this in formal or reserved settings, but to be safe, you might consider wearing a simple sandalwood fragrance to push this into the elegant realm. Signature does a fine job wrapping up the model of The Club, representing a brazen yet gentlemanly presence and having a good time doing it.

Tis the Season...

This ain't Grandma's eggnog!

Our Christmas Coquito is spiked with Rum and will most certainly be the hit of the season.

We will make this in our much ballyhooed new soap base (v16)

Pre Orders will start on November 20th.