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Kaizen Testimonial

My Kaizen arrived today. Just in time, as I was able to get in a nice shave for tonight’s celebration of my first anniversary. My wife already LOVES the scent of this soap.

With all of the folks posting and the videos of guys giving it a first go, I noticed everyone of them remarked that they overloaded the brush. I decided to go minimalistic with my first use. I took the smallest synthetic I have, 22mm yaqi tuxedo. I had a damp brush, giving it 10 swirls clockwise and counter, nothing more. This soap was not just noticeably thirsty but insanely thirsty. I only do a two pass shave most of the time but wanted to see how far this could stretch. WOW!!! No kidding, I had a third lathering that was every bit as rich and full as my first.

I know a good number of us enthusiasts regard the Ruds shave scores as a good measure of the quality of a product to gauge if we want to purchase. Breaking the scale of 100 to give this soap base a score of 101 was selling it short in my opinion. I honestly didn’t think there was that much room for improvement over the last formula, but there certainly is a lot. I also don’t think some of the soaps that were scored 100 a few months back are anywhere close to this base.

Way to break through the ceiling with this one Peter Charkalis. Seriously! I can’t believe this is not only living up to, but exceeding the hype.

Randy Garling

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Cannabliss Santal - AVAILABLE NOW

Once defiantly naughty, now inescapably chic, c*nnabis has never been more in vogue. Bringing to mind lazy afternoons listening to Floyd and the lingering smokiness that clings inconveniently to clothes, Cannabliss Santal (in our updated base) balances rich, spicy and herbaceous aromas with an ever so soft, floral & rum note. There's an unmistakable c*nnabis note, which settles on a nice base of cedarwood, sandalwood & patchouli (very light on the patchouli).  This IS NOT a novelty type scent.  You will love it!


Following up on the enormous success of Asian Plum, we created a scent which may very well surpass the love affair of the Plum. Asian Pear has been several months in the making and offers a superb blend of notes, familiar to its cousin, yet completely different. A bit less floral and sweet, but shares some of the same magnificent notes. The Pear is the standout, with some dried fruit notes, tonka, tobacco, sandalwood, with a hint of coffee & florals.

Notes: Bergamot, pear, dried fruits, tobacco, tonka bean, coffee, jasmine, sandalwood & cedar wood.

Two Brands...Same Great Base

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How to build a lather

It all begins with a great shaving soap. A&E and Club branded soaps are among the best in the industry and will work with any type of brush or water.  If you are a beginner, we recommend a good synthetic, as they're virtually maintenance free and super easy to build a superb lather. This is personal preference.

1. Fill your bowl (if bowl lathering) with hot water and warm your bowl & brush together.

2. Place brush into bowl  and soak for 5 minutes or so. Most people do this while showering and most effective using a natural hair brush.

4.  Remove brush  and squeeze bristles lightly to get rid of excess water. You can also give it a few light shakes as well.  

5. Start load your brush by swirling brush in soap jar using circular motion. We recommend light to medium pressure. Add some plunger motions as well. This will help in significantly building up your lather.  Continue swirling until a paste-like consistency begins to form on the top of the soap and on the brush. 
Bubbles (like a hand soap or bubble bath) are the result of too much water. 
Continue to swirl until it's pasty and almost looks like Elmer's glue. I personally love this consistency. 

6. You can now build your lather on face or use a soap bowl. Either one will work just fine. 

7. Add water as needed- a few drops at a time. I will normally wet my hand slightly from faucet and let a few drops drip from hand onto brush. Most of the time a few drops is all that's needed to make a difference. Our soap in particular can handle a large range of water and is quite thirsty, so don't be shy if you'd like to experiment by adding more water.   The consistency of the lather should be Greek yogurt-like, with a nice dense lather. The lather should feel slick, cushiony and protective.

Enjoy your shave!