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Our Membership program is quite different than those monthly 'surprise' boxes, filled with hit or miss assortment of samples & stuff. Club Membership allows our members to access 'The Back Room', opening the door to amazing exclusives, discounted products, vendor/partner discounts and more. Buy what you want, when you want it, with no unfortunate surprises.  For a small fee ($12.95 for 6 months), our members receive 20% off on all products at The Club, legendary exclusives such as The Novelist, Bad Habits, Barbershop, The Mobster and Cuir de Milano. Our superb lineup will continuously evolve and include further collaborations with Fragrance Houses such as Grey Matter Parfums, Dua Fragrances and others. We will also bring to you special guest artists for Special Edition soaps with amazing artwork... only at The Club.  

All for just $12.95

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