Khalifa Eau de Parfum
Khalifa Eau de Parfum

Khalifa Eau de Parfum

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Khalifa is a mix of mysterious & exotic 'resins', tobacco, vanilla, oud, coffee and incense. This exotic scent conjures wild thoughts of exotic places after dark.  Khalifa opens with strong aromas of oud and musk. There is also a hint of wood-scented tobacco in the opening minutes of the fragrance. Khalifa’s mid-notes develop into smelling like hashish with a dry, herbal-leafy accord (cured tobacco) tinged with a sweet oriental note. In the dry down Khalifa becomes vanillic ambery with a touch of patchouli. The lasting power of Khalifa is sensational.  Bold and masculine which says “Dare to wear me”.

Notes: Green herbaceous notes, resins, tobacco, coffee, lavender absolute , Himalayan cedar, anise, vanilla absolute, birch tar, cinnamon leaf, cardamom, cade,  Cambodian oud,  incense, oakmoss, sandalwood, labdanum, Haitian vetiver, Patchouli

This EdP  is proudly presented in a new 30ml cubed bottle with silver sprayer & cap. 



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