Pistachio Parfum Extrait

Pistachio Parfum Extrait

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Native to Central Asia, the pistachio as we know it dates back all the way to cultivation from the Asian Bronze Age! Interestingly enough, it is actually the seed of a red, pointed, desert drupe fruit! Its tree is very strong and hearty, sometimes being able to survive for up to 300 years. Enough about the history of pistachios, let’s talk about taste & smell. Pistachio nuts are one thing, but what’s better than pistachio gelato, pistachio macon’s, pistachio cupcakes, pistachio cookies….I can go on and on. Our soap is between the nut and cupcakes ( there’s a joke there somewhere 🤣). It smells Friggin amazing. What have we done to make this a banger? I added a hint of almond oil (it smells like almond extract ♥️) and Sambac jasmine from my trip to the Philippines. To make this more wearable (because we don’t want to smell all day like a Pistachio Cannoli), I added some more woods at the base, a hint of Bergamot Lemon at the top. A bit more of the Sambac and a thin layer of Sweet Oud dancing with the other woods as if this was an Argentinean Tango between two loves.  There’s a reason why Pistachio will become our next great scent known throughout the world.  


Notes: mandarin orange, pistachio, sambac, hint of almond & creamy sandalwood. 

The main player is a sweet Pistachio


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