Boca Negra Aftershave Splash

Boca Negra Aftershave Splash

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Boca Negra was inspired by my almost empty bottle of Boccanera (pictured) by Orto Parisi.  

Boccanera means 'dark mouth' in Italian. The nose behind Orto Parisi is Alessandro Gaultieri of Nasamatto. Many of you may know he created Black Afgano.

Boca Negra was inspired greatly by my fragrance which many compare to Black Afgano. However, Boca Negra is deliciously different. It’s scent is a rich semi sweet Dark Chocolate, Earthy, Resinous and somewhat Herbaceous mix with Patchouli & dark Woody undertones. I added coffee absolute as well, although not mentioned in Boccanera scent notes, I believe some was added. Our rendition is smoothed out with Sandalwood, & lightly spiced with Black Pepper, & Ginger. I left out the chili pepper in fear of adverse skin reactions.

It smells hauntingly erotic.

Boccanera & Black Afgano are brothers. One's a Hedonist, the other's a Hippie. Both will guarantee you a great time.

Notes: pepper, chocolate, ginger, coffee, resins, labdanum, jasmine,  castorium, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood, leather, cedar, patchouli, musk

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