Membership Responsibilities

Thank you for being a member.

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent products, at the best prices possible. We believe our soaps are superb in every way, with scents which are daring, unique and without compromise. We look to be edgy and unapologetic. We’re not cookie cutter and will never be. We’ll continue to push the envelope and explore new scents, collaborate with other brands and continue to build upon what we started. 

What you can expect from us:

  • More VIP Exclusives
  • Unique products for the privileged few (VIP Members)
  • 20% discounts on Club branded and A&E products, making our offering much more affordable
  • Access to new releases before anyone else
  • Giveaways via our VIP Forum
  • Continue to buy in bulk to keep our brands affordable without sacrificing quality
  • To never rest on our laurels

    Our expectations of our members

    • YOU must manage your subscription. WE will not be responsible to end your service if you no longer want to be a member
    • Please don't split your $12.95 membership with others. They can afford $12.95 for 6 months 
    • Join our Facebook forum if interested in updates, flash sales, new releases and more.
    • Auto renewal is the default setting of the service we use. You are responsible and will not be reimbursed should you forget to cancel. We really don't want to keep your $12.95 if you no longer want to be a member, So, please manage this. 

    How to cancel membership - Please log-in as a member and access the Back Room for VIP Members. At bottom right, you will see 'Manage'. Please click 'Manage' where you cancel auto renewal.